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NEDCO’s Business Accelerator Programme is well-positioned to have a positive impact through the creation of an intense and highly interactive learning environment. As a participant you will have access to an experienced team of advisors, mentors and trainers, all equipped to guide you through the difficulties of starting and growing your small business. You will also gain access to business development seminars, networking events and product development facilities free of charge. This programme is designed to help catapult YOU and YOUR business into success.

NEDCO’s Business Accelerator Programme is an incubator offering entrepreneurs an all-inclusive suite of business support services for their businesses. The programme takes entrepreneurs on a fast-paced journey to start or grow their businesses through the practical application of business development tools and techniques. These tools and techniques include advisory and training sessions, mentorship, loan funding and access to product development facilities. This programme is geared toward improving the chances of success for the participants by including them in an ecosystem of support. Participants must be committed to working towards set goals and achieving associated milestones.

As a participant of NEDCO’s BAP you will have access to:

  • Business Development Training
  • Business Advisory and Mentorship
  • Industry specific training
  • Focus Group Analysis of products and services
  • Networking
  • Access to Loan Funding for seed and growth capital
  • Access to product development and technical facilities
  • Access to commercialization of innovative products


12 months to 18 months


This programme is administered in conjunction with Partner Institutions. These institutions pre-select and recommend applicants to the programme. Once accepted, full participation is required by attending meetings, training, advisory and networking sessions. Participants are expected to apply the training, advice and other support tools to their businesses. Once completed, participants will graduate from the programme upon achieving set goals, targets and milestones over the period of twelve (12) months. An extension of six (6) months may be awarded if additional time is needed to achieve outlined goals/milestones. A certificate of participation will be granted to the participants upon completion and the success of their businesses will be highlighted by NEDCO and its Partner Institutions.

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • A citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Must be a past or current member of any of the Partner Institutions aligned to NEDCO.

Applications must be submitted through one of the Partner Institutions of the programme. Contact your Tertiary Education Institution, Technical Vocational Institution, National Agency or Community Group to apply.

The Business Accelerator programme targets start-up and existing businesses that fall within NEDCO’s lending criteria.

NO. If you already have a business and/or a business idea, you can apply for the BAP.

All applications must undergo an evaluation interview by NEDCO. Successful applicants will be contacted via NEDCO representative.

NO, participation in this programme is free of charge.


List of Partner Institutions

Tertiary Institutions, Technical & Vocational Institutes and Associations that have partnered with the NEDCO Business Accelerator Programme:

  • Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)
  • Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business (ALJGBS)
  • Caribbean Yard Campus (CYC)
  • Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies (CCLCS)
  • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
  • College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT)
  • CTS College
  • MIC Institute of Technology (MIC IT)
  • National Energy Skills Centre (NESC)
  • On-the-Job Training Programme (OJTP)
  • SBCS Global Learning Institute
  • SITAL College
  • Small Tourism Accommodation Owners of Trinidad and Tobago (STAOTT)
  • Tobago Agro Processors Association (TAPA)
  • University of the Southern Caribbean (USC)
  • University of the West Indies (UWI)
  • University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)
  • Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT)
  • Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP)

NEDCO Framework

NEDCO is a state enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago, tasked with developing the MSE sector through the provision of loans, business training & entrepreneurial support services.

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