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NEDCO Entrepreneurship Week (NEW): A 4-Day Virtual Conference for Entrepreneurs



As part of our twenty (20) Year celebrations, NEDCO introduced a new annual event called NEDCO Entrepreneurship Week (NEW), a FREE four (4) day virtual conference, from Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th August 2022NEDCO Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) supported the organization’s mandate to develop micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Trinidad and Tobago by offering educational, developmental and growth-sustaining solutions.

Trinidad and Tobago is recovering from the negative economic impact of a two (2) year pandemic which was especially hard on our MSEs. The theme for the NEW 2022, Create, Grow, Thrive – The NEDCO Way, recognized the current social and economic challenges faced by the MSE market that NEDCO serves.  The virtual conference covered the following core areas of national entrepreneurial development and growth: Day 1 - Ideation and Concept Development; Day 2 – Growth and Export; Day 3 – Digitization and Ecommerce; and Day 4 – Youth Entrepreneurship and Employability.



  • To help drive the entrepreneurial development, sustainability and competitiveness of the micro and small enterprise (MSE) sector;
  • To encourage the creation of new start-ups and provide the critical support needed during this delicate phase of new business;
  • To encourage and support the growth and expansion of existing MSEs, including into new areas of exports.
  • To plant the seed of entrepreneurship among our youth members of society and encourage self-employment as a viable career choice.
  • To educate three hundred (300) students on entrepreneurship from fifteen (15) schools.
  • To provide real solutions to our local entrepreneurs which would address the common challenges that entrepreneurs face along the start-up life cycle.


Target Market

With over six thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven (6877) entrepreneurs participating over the four (4) day virtual conference, NEDCO Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) contributed to the development of a culture of entrepreneurship and provided the essential support required to navigate today’s economy.  The target market comprised of:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, including the unemployed and persons considering a career change / second career
  • Youth entrepreneurs
  • Form 5 and 6 secondary school students,
  • Female entrepreneurs
  • Underserved communities
  • Entrepreneurial niche markets
  • Persons seeking to grow their start-ups or commence exports
  • The local MSE sector
  • Members of the wider public



Click Here to see the Conference Agenda or Download the Agenda.




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For enquiries about NEDCO's upcoming National Entrepreneurship Week (NEW) 2023, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 821-5800.

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NEDCO is a state enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago, tasked with developing the MSE sector through the provision of loans, business training & entrepreneurial support services.

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