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The National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO) was established in 2002 as a state owned Limited Liability Company to provide micro finance services that assist in the development of a sustainable micro and small enterprise sector (MSEs).

As the implementing agency for Government’s policy on MSE development, we are committed to supporting the sector, through entrepreneurship and empowerment of the socially disenfranchised.

With a mandate to develop MSEs in Trinidad and Tobago, NEDCO offers a wide suite of entrepreneurial development services to help MSEs whose needs cannot be met by traditional lending agencies. Our integrated business model is designed to move entrepreneurs from business concept to successful commercialization via small business financing; entrepreneurial training; business assessment; mentorship; and business advisory.


"To be the leader of the MSE sector, fostering an entrepreneurial culture, thereby contributing to wealth creation and national development."


"To promote and support the development of new and existing MSEs to achieve financial independence, sustainability and competitiveness through the provision of evolving, cutting edge financial products and development support services in a customer focused environment."


NEDCO Framework

NEDCO is a state enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago, tasked with developing the MSE sector through the provision of loans, business training & entrepreneurial support services.

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