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LET’S TALK Business!

NEDCO’s business advisory service is facilitated by enthusiastic professionals committed to helping your small business achieve success. Our Business Advisors are dependable, engaging, authentic and attentive to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Get practical advice for your business in any of the following areas:
  • Idea Generation
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Goal Setting
  • Business Registration
  • Records Management
  • Business Expansion
  • Impact and Problem Solutions
  • Product and Process Innovations
Benefits of having a business advisor include:
  • Useful suggestions for developing your business plans
  • Encouragement to take necessary actions to further develop your business
  • Tips, techniques and guidance on achieving strategic goals
  • Assistance with the identification of gaps
  • Guidance on ways to reduce gaps to achieve operational goals
  • Increased knowledge of key business issues and practices
  • A broader perspective on industry best practices, options and opportunities
  • Access to experienced and knowledgeable business professionals
  • Insight into the marketing and operation culture of businesses and industries
Cost: $100.00 TTD per hour


Frequently Asked Questions:

Any business owner and / or person interested in starting a business.

Each session adopts a consultative approach designed to provide guidance, motivation, emotional support and practical solutions for obstacles encountered along your entrepreneurial journey.

To book an appointment with a Business Advisor, select the BOOK NOW button below.


The price to book an advisory session is $100.00 and must be paid before your appointment is confirmed.


See list of payment options here:

A. Direct online transfer to NEDCO’s Account
B. At any First Citizens Bank (Direct Deposit)
C. Bill Express
D. At any NEDCO office (Linx only)
E. Credit Card – Online Payment

Each session is one (1) hour long.

You can expect:

A. Individual attention with a knowledgeable advisor.
B. Suitable recommendations or action points to direct your business further.
C. Recommendations for follow-up sessions.
D. Referrals for NEDCO’s Training and Lending Services.

NEDCO Framework

NEDCO is a state enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago, tasked with developing the MSE sector through the provision of loans, business training & entrepreneurial support services.

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