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NEDCO is the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited. It was established in August 2002 to train, support and develop the skills of entrepreneurs, thus facilitating the development and growth of their small businesses.
We support a wide range of businesses. We have assisted in the development of businesses in the areas of:
  • clothing/retail
  • event planning
  • technology start-ups
  • catering
  • light manufacturing
  • agri-business
  • food and beverage
  • health and wellness
  • maintenance
  • transport and construction
We also provide loans for taxis and Carnival loans for band producers and section leaders, as well as Carnival-related suppliers (caterers for all-inclusive events, arts and craft, janitorial services, event planners, promoters, vendors) Carnival sector, Carnival Entrepreneurs, Persons engaged in Carnival activities.

*Please note that we do not offer loans for Agricultural purposes. Those applicants are referred to the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB).

We want to particularly assist entrepreneurs who have developed innovative business processes, identified a new target market and have the potential to become real game changers in their industries.
NEDCO will help you identify your goals, develop your business plan and provide the training and financial support to make your business successful and sustainable.
  • Gather all the required documents for your application. (see above for a list of basic requirements)
  • Proceed to the nearest NEDCO branch and speak to a Business Relationship Officer, who will guide you through the application process and mentor you as you develop your business idea. If one is not available, an appointment will be made for you and you someone will contact you.
  • Once all the necessary information is provided, our team will assess your file and work with you to design a package to take your business from idea to reality.

Programmes and Training

NEDCO is the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited. It was established in August 2002 to train, support and develop the skills of entrepreneurs to allow them to develop and grow their small businesses.
Apart from being your own boss, owning and operating a small business gives you the freedom to earn a higher income, employment opportunities and contribute to the economic development of Trinidad and Tobago.
You see them everywhere; in the malls, around the savannah, towns, supermarkets; cities, villages, beaches. Some work from home whilst others have their own store! You may even know a few personally, and have seen their businesses grown from an idea into a REAL BUSINESS! What is it that all these entrepreneurs have in common?
  • Well-rounded – They are people who can make the product, promote it, sell it and count the money. They know their market and have their bases covered.
  • Able to bounce back –Even when dealt the hardest blow, they have the confidence and wherewithal to try again.
  • Innovative – They're not inventors in the traditional sense, but can carve a new niche in the market.
  • Results-Oriented – To make the business successful requires a drive that only comes from setting goals and targets and from achieving them.
  • Professional Risk-Takers – To succeed means taking calculated risks! Often, successful entrepreneurs use a step-by-step guide at each stage by exposing themselves to only a measured a amount of personal risk, and moving from one stage to the final decision is a proven success!
  • Totally committed – Hard work, ambition, energy and focus are all essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

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